Bath Theraphy
Floral Bath
Get in, lay back and relax. Enjoy the motion of the water. Take in the nice, stimulation scents of the candles, feel the warm water as the jets vibrate. Let the gently moving water soothe your sore muscles - this water therapy is exellent for weak muscles.

Time : 20 minutes            Price: RM 40 (Per Treatment)
Weight Loss Hydrotherapy
Alqvimia has brought the finest hydrotherapy preparation spa treatment for loss weight. It made from essential oil of lemon, juniper, cypress, geranium, cedarwood and peppermint. By adding few drops into the jacuzzi, it can help you to reduce weight & prevent excess weight gain. Reducing body size with powerful draining and purifying properties. Elimination of fats.

Time : 20 minutes            Price: RM 60 (Per Treatment)
Hormone Balance Hydrotherapy
BY dropping few drops of 100% natural ingredients of Almond and essential oils of Frankincense and Mymth into jacuzzi, you can feel deep down nourishing, have excellent anti-aging effects, leave skin velvely smooth, emotionally lends self confidence and maintaining a happy mood all day long. You can experince an inner peace and harmony. Exotic, elegant and mysterious aroma increase your fe,imine charm.

Time : 20 minutes            Price: RM 60 (Per Treatment)